Firstly I would like to thank Iain for the pleasure of putting together this year’s guide, and thank him for all the hard work he has put into producing these guides over the last few years. Well the 2015 British Grand Prix is fast approaching, but we can’t forget last year’s weekend, and what a wonderful weekend it was! First we had the Thursday Pit Lane access which was exceptional, followed by some amazing racing… and like always the unpredictable British weather didn’t let us down. Friday saw Susie Wolff driving for Williams, and also the first female driver to take part in a F1 British Grand Prix weekend.
Saturday saw the rain after a hot couple of days, which left us all in despair when Lewis Hamilton ended up in 6th position on the grid, this was due to the track drying faster than expected. But it was also brilliant to see Jenson Button right up in 3rd place. Race day bought us more thrills, with Kimi Raikkonen crashing into the barrier at Wellington Straight which red flagged the race for 1 hour. Then the racing really started the home crowd screamed Lewis, Jenson and Max in true British style. But the race was not without fun! The battle between Vettle and Alonso kept us on the edge of our seats. At lap 28 Rosberg’s gearbox failed and he parked it up at Beckett’s, this made the crowd roar with the realization that Lewis could win… even now thinking about it gives me Goosebumps. Well the amazing happened and Lewis brought his car home to claim his second home win, a moment that makes us proud to be British. But we can’t forget Jenson Button, who that weekend was racing in memory of this father Papa Smurf. The British crowd came out in their masses to support Jenson wearing pink as a mark of respect. Jenson came home 4th, which was wonderful moment that was for his fans. So 2014 was a fantastic year but what will 2015 bring?? We will soon know.

Arrival at Woodlands Campsite

Last year most of us Admins arrived on Wednesday, yes we are keen to get there early! But not fast enough as some mem- bers were already there and setup. I departed late morning and the traffic to Silverstone was very reasonable and there was little traffic around once in Silverstone. Silverstone Woodlands is well sign posted and it directs you to which area you are booked, Family, Lively and Live In. Last Year we we’re all mixed between the three, myself, Hannah and Jamie where at Lively, Iain at Family and James at Live in. We have given you a summary on each section based on our personal experi- ences and hope this helps.


Photographers book high seats.
If booking in a group book individually, this will secure more than one car-pass for the Woodlands campsite.
Family Camping is very good for getting a good nights sleep, but respect others around you…
Lively is lively so expect a lot of noise. (especially those in search for ALAN)


Family Camping
For Family camping last year everyone was navigated to campsite Gate A then on to zone K for camping (J was family live in). Entry to the campsite was good (TIP: watch the potholes and stones), your directed by staff to the Family Camping area. Iain booked family camping as some of their group are +40 and they need their sleep. TIP: If you need your sleep book Family Camping. 

When Iain arrived he was guide in to an area that suited his needs. The staff helping out gave him enough room for a 10 man + 4man tent 3 cars and an event tent (TIP: event tents are very useful when it rains). All in all it was painless to get what he needed, He would have preferred to be closer to the facilities (toilet/showers) as it was a bit of a walk if you do want to be closer to the facilities then arriv- ing early really helps. They do provide a small shop, where you can buy supplies if you forget anything.

Lively Camping
Myself, Jamie and Hannah stayed at Lively camping, which we have done for the last few years. When we ar- rived we were directed to Gate C this covered zones B,C,D,E and H. Due to us arriving late Wednesday we were lucky to get into zone B just by the shower blocks TIP: The later you arrive the further back you are, it is a long trek from zones D, E, H.
When you arrive your di- rected to the first available zone, once there your then directed to where you are to set up camp they tend to do it in rows, they do give you a reasonable amount of space for myself there was only 2 of us and we had a six man tunnel tent and one care which was plenty of room, the
same for Jamie and Hannah who had a 4 man tent and a car. If you know you need more space then let the staff know they will then make sure the next person behind is further back. The staff are really good at trying to accommodate for your needs.
Lively Live-In
James along with some friends stayed in the Lively Live-in Vehicle area and have done for the last few years. When they arrived they were directed via West 10, Gate A and were directed to zone A. They arrived around mid-afternoon on Wednesday and were directed to the next available pitch which was about level with the Big Top tent (so not far to walk for entertainment or the Track). Unlike the camping with the Live-in Vehicle you have a set pitch. The pitches are either 7m x 8m or 6m x 12m, they have only ever had a 7m x 8m and found that to be plenty of room to fit a caravan or motorhome and another vehicle or Gazebo up. Again since this is the lively area, expect music etc into the night so don’t plan on too much sleep. TIP: If arriving with others and you want to pitch next to them, arrange to meet down the road or at a local services and drive in together as they do not like to hold pitches for others.
TIPS: If you know where Alan is let us know, as he got lost last year!!!


Good Tent
Food (boil in bags were good)
Music / Instruments
Good warm sleeping bags
Brew Kit
Someone who can play!
First Aid Kit (headache tablets)
Fancy Dress
Rubber Mallet
Re-hydration fluid / powder
2/3-in-one coffee sachets
Tarpaulin (just in case)
Change of cloths
Hat (keeps the sun/rain off)
Bin Bags
Wet weather gear (wellies)
Duck Tape
Wet wipes are always handy
Lighter (fire up the stove)
BBQ/Cooking Equipment
Spare toilet roles
Waterproof pouch
Flagpole & Flags
Sun Cream
Washing line and pegs
Event Tent
Bed or roll mat
Table / Chairs
Permanent Marker (signature)
Tickets (keep them safe!)
Solar power charger
Something to sign

Phone booster battery (a must)
Good pair of walking shoes

Water container
Head Torch

Washing equipment (bowl)
Ear Defenders (Support Races)

Camp lights


Tow rope
Radio (with earpiece)



I would like to think that everyone on the world is honest hard working, however this cannot be... There are some individuals that come to these events to steal. Woodlands do provide security, but they can’t watch your tent day and night. Be prepared to carry your valuables with you, and during the night I would suggest you lock them in your car as an added layer of security.

TIP: Keep your valuables safe at all times!


Out & About

Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint so be prepared for the long haul. From arriving till you go home you will probably drink a fair amount of alcohol, so keep yourself hydrated and eat food. (TIP: Take as small backpack and fill it with your desired tipple/nibbles, that way you save some £££). Drink and food on the campsite is very good and well priced and dotted around. The campsite also run transport to get you around, this was ideal when your little legs have had enough of walking. Sometimes it just as quick to walk, but your choice. The Woodlands campsite is located right next to the track but depending on where you are will depend on how long it takes, from zone B it took us about 15 minute’s to get to the circuit.


Last year woodlands put on a great event, every day there was something to do or watch. The evenings are the best, they had sev- eral tents all hosting a wide range of artists. The big top always as the headlines in the evening, it gets very busy but it is a wonderful atmosphere. Big Me, and DJ Frenic have confirmed they are return-
ing for 2015, woodlands have confirmed they will be doing two comedy nights. Last year they also had the fun fair which was new to 2014 and it’s confirmed for this year. The spa also confirmed and bookings can now be made. Once more is released we will be sure to inform you.
The petrol Head- Quiz night followed by Phil Matthews
The Craft Beer Village – Comedy Night headlining Jarred Christmas followed by Firing Line The Petrol Head – Matt Roberts and Dave Spenser
The Craft Beer Village – Sicknote Steve, Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls, Bavarain Stompers and headliner Hayseed Dixie
The big Top – The Red Bullets and DJ Frenic
The Craft Beer Village – The same as Friday but Saturdays headliner The Sunshine Underground Big Top Bernie Marsden & Band and Big Me
There was also a lot going on around the site, we had the trade village where you can pick up the odd barging from sunglasses to F1 Memorabilia. Clay Pigeon shooting with Archery and Cross Bow. They had the Luxury Spa and champagne bar . The Fun fair, they had dodgems the bungee ball, wall climb and various stalls. Brooklyn Brewery and the Movember Bus made an appearance for 2014. Has you can see there is always a lot going on when off track side. I hope this as been informative and look forward to seeing you all around this year.
Friday we have a meet up at the Petrol Head from 6PM so come say hello
From Donna, Iain, James, Jamie & Hannah SCG Admin
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Everything about the backpacking stoves and their usage [Sophie M. Mills ]


Having a best backpacking stove is a great source of facility for people on the move. It provides them with a great opportunity to prepare their fresh food or they can also use it for rehydrating their frozen food. Further, people also use it for getting water by heating the ice. In every way, it serves travelers with great facilities to cater for their cooking needs.
Backpacking stove guide
Backpacking stove guide
Choosing the right stove:
If you are looking to eat sandwiches, cereals and meals straight from a tinned can, then you probably wouldn’t need a stove. But, these kinds of things are not always liked by everyone on an outdoor trip. If you have varied needs, then having a good quality backpacking stove is inevitable. The next questions that come into your mind is that what type of stove to use as there are so many options. It is a thing which depends on the type of camping you doing, location, weather and what exactly you are looking to cook or use the stove for. 
The potential buyers definitely get confused in selecting a cookware along with the other camping gear that he is carrying. A lightweight stove is important,  both in terms of the stove and the fuel needed. The fuel efficiency should be evaluated before selecting a particular type and the user must also estimate that how much fuel would be sufficient to carry for his trip. The selection of the stove is not such a big deal, particularly, when you have all the options in front of you and you are also sure about the type of trips you will be doing with your friends and family.
The types of trips where you can take the backpacking stove:
The  backpacking stove is all about assisting you in your cooking needs on the move. It is suitable where you have no other alternate such as a restaurant or any other source to fulfill your eating needs. The following are some of the reasons for which you would love to carry a backpacking stove with you:
  • Travel
  • Backpacking
  • Family Outings
  • Vacation Cabin
  • Ice Fishing
  • And many more…

Some critical points to consider:
There are a number of things which you must consider before you can select the right equipment to suit your needs. The following are some of those crucial points which you must find out:
  • The user must be well aware that in what part of the world he is cooking. This kind of determinations will help him to find out that what kind of stove, depending upon the availability of the fuel in the region would be suitable for him. The users must know that there is some restrictions in some parts of the world on alcohol and other related fuels.
  • You must know that in what weather conditions you will be cooking. Several of the stoves and the associated fuel options works fine in the hot conditions, but in cold, not every stove or fuel type can work. In the winters, the major trouble comes as most of the types fail. The liquid fuel type is the best option in this category.
  • You must also be able to find out that what kind of cooking you will be doing or for what exact purposes you need a backpacking stove. It is an important determination considering the fact that there is a specific type for specific needs. 
  • The backpackers must determine about the number of people in the group. On long or even short trips, it is ideal to have 1 backpack stove to cater for the cooking/ eating needs of 3 people.

Now, you may know how important is to have a best backpacking stove for you and how it can benefit you while on a trip. You must be careful enough to choose and use the stove in a correct way to make your trip a delightful one.
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